Sunday, March 16, 2008

"Get out of my car!"

Now, lets be clear. I do not enjoy driving. To me driving is just something I have to do to get from one activity to another. I hate all those judgements and decisions and risks you have to take when you drive. It puts a lot of stress and pressure on one, even if one doesn’t consciously notice it. There’s so much that goes into driving, and If I werent’ half so dedicated to my activities and responsibilities, or if I lived closer, I would never do it.
But there are moments where I do appreciate this dangerous, yet useful privelage. For when I am in the driver’s seat, I am in charge. I am no longer subject to the will and follies of another--to be a slave to his oh so imagninative mind, simply because I am in the passenger seat and he controls what happens with the car. No. No! Instead it is I! It is I who stops the car! It is I who dismounts from the car or decides the destination or the location where I shall park or how long I shall spend sitting parked! It is I who has the advantage and can expel a person from my car at my own leisure, and not another’s! When I drive I may say, "Get out of my car!" and enforce that, because I can just drive away!
Now, I am generally an indecisive and submissive person. I will ask a passenger’s opinion of things and take his thoughts into consideration to what happens. In the passenger seat I am indecisive, submissive, and flexable, and mostly grateful that someone is willing to take their time to grant me the service of a ride.
Oh, but how good it feels, how empowering a sensation it is, in any given situation, with any passenger by my side, just to know that I--me!-- I have the ability and the right to say, "Get out of my car!" And he (or she) must aquiesce to my request.
Because I am the driver. It is I who holds the key and grants the service rendered. It is I. It is me; in charge.

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