Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Oh Dresden!

Some background before you read:
Dresden is a city in Germany that the Allies destroyed several times over in World War II with their firebombings. Last year in World History, Mr. Burchette showed us pictures of the city he took on one of his trips there. It is still a very beautiful city, but some of it still lies in ruins. Parts could never be rebuilt because the architecture was so old and ancient, people just didn’t know how to do it anymore.

This poem is based on that tragic story of the fallen city, however only people who know me well enough know the true inspiration and story behind this sad and accurate poem.
I hope you enjoy it. Leave comments if desired.

Ode to Dresden
By: Amelia Rose

Scattered ruins lie desolate
Beneath the whitewashed sky
Bits of rubble here,
A fallen tree there
A barren wasteland
Of burning houses
Fallen roofs
Open doors left hanging
By a hinge

O Dresden! Dresden!
How beautiful you were!
How glorious to walk beneath
Your ancient paths
To marvel in
The glory of the archaic
Art and architectures
Astounding beneath glorious blue skies
Dotted with green or red or snow-covered trees
That filled the landscape with your brilliant view
Dresden! O mighty city—now left
In ruins!
Why hast thou fallen?
And forsaken those who loved you dearly?

To rebuild such a remarkable city
To make it as it once was
Can never be done.
The ways and works that created you
No longer exist
The historic technology, ancient ways
Are gone
And this great antique
Preserved through the ages
In a snow globe of time
By the sleekest coat of varnish
Is destroyed

How then are we, your inhabitants, to survive?
Our homes, our families
Are broken
Lost forever to your fallen walls
What can we do?
There is no way to rebuild you,
Ancient wonder of wonders
City of cities
How are we to move on?
For each time we try to build back up our homes
Another fighter plane
Comes to break you again!
To wreck our beautiful city
That once was so strong!

Our beautiful Dresden
Shall never be again
Not as it was;
Nor shall it be
Until this war can end
And the fighting
And terror
And wickedness

We shall build
We shall keep building up our Dresden
As many times as it falls
We shall build it up
Not into the mural it once was
But into a mighty fortress
That no one may penetrate
No one may enter
And no one may leave
Without a fight.

O beautiful Dresden
Wherefore art thou gone!
Where didst thou go?
When did we watch thee fall
To join the ruins
And the ashes
In this cold, wicked war
O Dresden!
O Dresden.
Fallen; Forsaken
Thou art lost
But we will find you
And we will love thee
O glorious Dresden!

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