Saturday, April 5, 2008

twinkle twinkle little star...

Spying Eye
By Amelia Rose

I have a stalker
That follows me in the night
Watching, always watching me
For any sign of fight

Sometimes I like my stalker near
To protect me from harm
But more than not he is too close
And I shun away the charm

A sneaky little stalker
A reliable source and spy
He always has me pinned right down
Beneath his one bright eye

He’s a pretty little stalker
I’ve seen his face a few
Which by some fascinating miracle
Disappears with morning’s dew

Nervous though he makes me
I know he’s been well sought
He blinds and binds and then he twines
My stomach in a knot

Haunts my present, past and future
Won’t let time reset
Holds on to something tight within
Won’t let me forget

My stalker keeps me always close
Right beneath his sight
And reminds me, always in the dark
Of repressed, forgotten light;

I know not how long he’ll last there
In his blissful grace, sublime
Perhaps until it comes at last;
A peaceful, happy time

From car to street to church to school
My stalker gets his fill
Despite my weakened protests,
Against my throbbing will,

The darkness growls a bitter bark
The wind, it gives me chills
And yet my stalker still stands alone
On that special, sacred hill