Thursday, December 4, 2008

Remnants of the Sunrise

Click, turn, sputter
The car comes alive
To carry me on a journey
That will take me
To the ends of the earth
Where I will find
The remnants of the sunrise

Only light pastels remain
As relics of the vivid brilliance
That highlighted the heavens
And colored the earth in magnificent splendor;
The trees whispered among themselves
The birds waited, hushed
All the earth stopped
To wait and watch
In awe and wonder
As the cloud curtains parted
And the radiant sphere emerged
To bring light and life
To the earth
Now the sunrise is come and gone
And tempered hues that have appeared in its wake
Begin to fade into daylight
As I gaze upon
The last remnants of the sunrise

Although mine have now vanished,
These glorious remnants
Always linger
In some part of the world
And I will follow them forever,
In search of their light.
They will lead me
Across the world
And I will follow them;
The remnants of the sunrise

Hope, Peace;
Beauty and Wonder;
These are
The remnants of the sunrise

Amelia Rose
Morning has broken.

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