Friday, December 5, 2008

Some day my prince will come...da da da dee da dum....

I have just fallen completely in love. With whom, or what you ask? None other than Snow White!
I've seen it before and such, but I just watched it again, and it is incredible! It's so cute and sweet and everything nice! (except for snow's singing voice, but i can overlook that for the good of the rest) =D
The writers were brilliant!
Speaking of writing...I've been kinda in the mood...and now I have a love to inspire me....hmm...what shall I roll out next? i guess we'll find out!

I wrote this awhile ago to send to my missionary...guess i never got around to posting it. =)

Secrets of the Stars
For Ty

Waves lick the shore of the misty night
The fresh scent of ocean breeze lingers
As I squish my toes into the soft moistened sand.
Above, the stars whisper softly
Singing a euphonious poem
They twinkle in the darktime,
Pierce through the blissful night.
I stroll along the sand,
Humming my favorite tune
The waves play tickle with my toes
I gaze out in the distance
To where the diamonds,
Sprinkled in the sky
Meet the dark, heavy waves
Rolling stoic in the stillness of the night.
Engulfed by the close proximity
Of the stars, the waves, the crescent-shaped moon,
I am overwhelmed by my senses.
The tides drift in and out
Teasing my bare feet as I bask in glorious solitude; and yet,
I am not alone.
My eyes linger for a long moment
On the many little fires in the sky;
Watching me, protecting me in this moment
From all the evils of the world.
These stars, they are the same that watch over you,
Where you are.
This ocean stretches out, to a place my eyes cannot see;
And yet, the stars tell me
In a still, quiet voice
That on the other side of this vast ocean
Someone is looking across to me...

Amelia Rose

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