Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Magic of the Butterfly
By: Amelia Rose
For Ty

Rattle; Pop!
The cocoon is opened
One wing unfurls
And then another
And then
All at once
The beautiful butterfly emerges
From her nestled hiding place
She is free!
Free to begin
Her adventure!

Her wings flutter blithely
As she flits from flower to tree
To leaf to weed to
--Ouch! A thorn bush!
Stay away from there!
The color on her wings
Is scratched a little,
But this does not stop her
From exploring the beautiful world
Around her

Along her journey
She meets
All sorts of creatures
Great and small
They become her friends!
And she loves them all dearly.
The vibrant butterfly
Sparkles in the sunlight
As her radiant wings
Reflect the love
And peace
And frivolous delight
That surround her

She is beautiful.
She is happy.
She is free.



She is
The Butterfly!

“We enjoy butterflies for their beauty, their magic, and their freedom. When we pin them to a board, we destroy them.” Liz Greene

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