Friday, January 16, 2009


Trouble... Current mood: restless
The leaves are now gone. And I'm struggling to remember what they mean...I think I want snow. A lot of snow...because I miss the leaves...

By: Amelia Rose

Encircles me
I cannot find warmth
In this frigid world of ice
And cold
But no snow.
The days deceive
They appear bright and crisp;
From the window
But as soon as I open the door
A burst of cold rushes in the already chilly room
Nips at me
Makes red my ears and fingertips
And nose
Warmth elludes me
How I long for it!
In vain I long for it...

"There's a life that I am meant to lead, alive, like nothing I have known. I can feel it, and it's far from here. I've got to find it on my own. Even now I feel it's heat upon my skin, a life of passion that stills me from within; a life that I am aching to begin--there must be somewhere I can be--Astonishing."

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