Thursday, March 26, 2009

lost in a cloud
by; amelia rose

Creep around me
With their devilish utterings
Destroying my path
Wreaking havoc to my heart
The fiendish ghouls blur my way
Spin me in circles
As I wander
Through cold haze
That soaks me through
Chilling me past the bone
Twining itself delicately around my heart
Until suddenly
With a jerk
The untemepered turbidity
Tightens it's chords, choking me swift
The entity gags and gasps for pulse; for life
But confined; restrained; it quickly surrenders
To the cold, cloudy confines
Of the covert, colorless chasms
Which swallow me whole
I grope my way through muddied haze
Desperate for something to hold to
And yet when I find it
I cast it aside
Because I do not believe in it;
I cannot let myself hope
For every time I do
I die just a little bit more inside
And the chains, they pull themselves
Just a little bit tighter
I cannot fight
I cannot win
And I hate all those who lie
And tell me I can
It's all lies
And I hate them for it!
Hate myself for being so wretched...
This cloud goes on forever
And the more lost I become in it;The tighter the rope chains pull
The farther out I reach; the more it burns me inside
And while my torrid inside scalds
My outer appearance disheveles
With soaking mist and cold,
That freezes all surrounding life
Leaving me alone in icy smog.
The chords press and choke
Until there is nothing left
But hazy vapor-smoke

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