Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Appalachian Storm
By: Amelia Rose

Silent Thunder
Rings in my ears
As the rain pours
Upon the rock faces
That mount beneath
The looming clouds
A sudden cold front
Strikes the warm spring air
That has nestled itself
Comfortably within the vally.
The winds swirl wildly
In a fiasco of
Pure chaos;
The heated air pressure
Is pierced by a seething coldness
Searing the mountains
In confused and bewildered fury.
The rain drops wage battle
Against the winds
And again against the rocks
In a foul uproar
Of spiraling madness
That rips trees from their roots
Homes from their foundations
And cities from their terraces
While families huddle together
To wait out the storm
The winds calm
The rain drops surrender
And the cold front dispatches
To haunt another time and place
In their wake
A torrid humidity seeps in
To fill the empty cracks and crevices
Of the mountain valley
Where can be seen
Spectacular flashes
That linger upon
The gruff, weathered
Range of rock;
Electrifyingly brilliant
Scorching streaks
Of the heat lightning
That dances in the distance