Monday, May 25, 2009


You know, more often then not
It's pure imagination
Even the most vivid descriptions
Are nothing more than fantasies;
The poet hasn't really experienced
The events that transpire
But you'd never know it
By reading his recollections.
I admit,
Sometimes there are experiences
So wonderful; surreal
That they must be recorded
Within the perameters of a poem
More often then not though
The record is symbolic
Each image representing
A thought, feeling or even a passing whim

I love my own poetry
More than anyone else's
Because I know what each symbol stands for
For me, my poetry is a photograph
Of what I was feeling and experiencing
At the time
And while I love the poetry of others,
I only understand some things
And my insights are limited
But, when I do recognize
And understand their intentions,
It makes reading the poem
That much more fulfilling

As I said before,
Poetry is a photograph
But not in the typical way
Unlike real photographs,
Each person who reads a poem
Takes something different from it;
Something they can relate to,
That corresponds
With where they are in life.
In this way, above all else,
Poetry is unique
For it transforms
Not only the writer
But also the reader,
And makes him
A poet too.

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