Friday, May 8, 2009

So I have found a way to smuggle crap outa the AP Tests. yeah.
Current mood: devious
lol I spent my AP Calc Test writing poetry because I was bored & then i wanted to keep the poems i wrote instead of just having them thrown out. So, ingeniously i wrote them on a tissue and no one even noticed as i wadded it up and put it in my pocket before they collected our tests! lol i know, i'm brilliant. =)

so here are my AP Calc-Inspired poems from a tissue:

Sunshine of Peace
By Amelia Rose

Watching the sunshine
Dance in the trees
Incandescent as the love
That brings me to my knees
Each day as I pray
Makes me wonder...
What if,
When all is said and done,
Time doesn't matter
Nor the hearts you've won
What if,
When the skies turn to gray
What if,
As night fades from day
What if,
The peace
That yet for so long
Has evaded this world
This time and generation
Is there in the sunshine
Has been there, this whole dispensation
But we take no notice
As we rush about our lives
While goodness, morality, integrity;
Only just survives...

Poem #2

I hear...

Laughter of youth
Frivolous pleasure
Which entertains
But does not last

I see...

Pain, Hatred, Envy
Repressed behind their eyes...

I feel...

For they don't realize
Don't understand
Don't know
The Truth
Lost in a world devoid of meaning,
Of purpose
Of trust and joy
They wander around
Groping in darkness
For something to hold to
Something; someone
Anything; Anyone
But even when they find it
It gives way under them
For nothing less
Than the fulness of the truth
Can endure forever
Bringing happiness and surety

I hope...

That one day
Love will return to this nation
That lies will cease
Slander and gossip desist to exist
For their sakes, I hope
That the Light and Life
And Truth of the world
May soften their hearts
That they might find joy;
Everlasting, wholesome, pure

I dream...

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