Saturday, June 20, 2009


Vive la vie en rose ♥
"His sanguine spirit turns every firefly into a star." Arthur Conan Doyle. [it's true. =]
at 1:16 AM Jun 20
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this has been stuck in my head.
Current mood: peaceful

Ooo. you make me live
whatever this world can give to me
It's you, you're all I see
Ooo, you make me live now honey
Ooo, you make me live
You're the best friend that I ever had
I've been with you such a long time
You're my sunshine
And I want you to know
That my feelings are true
I really love you
You're my best friend
Ooo, you make me live
I've been wandering round
But I still come back to you
In rain or shine
You've stood by me girl
I'm happy, happy at home
You're my best friend.
You're the first one
When things turn out bad
You know I'll never be lonely
You're my only one
And I love --I really love
The things that you do
You're my best friend
Ooo, you make me live.
You're my best friend
Ooo, you make me live
You, you're my best friend.

Those times we parted--the pauses--the rests between notes wherein the real music lies --those I will cherish forever. When our cheeks lingered near each other and our eyes peradventured a glance, timid across the close find the triumph, bliss and ecstasy we each were feeling, mirrored in the other's eyes; this will remain always etched into my soul. Those times when I could feel his breath on my face, his lips on my cheek...his eyes on my heart. ♥

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