Wednesday, April 7, 2010


If Only…
[for you. As always…]

If only I could love you
And hold you in my heart
Without the pang of sorrow
That keeps us both apart

If only I could see you;
Those eyes that pierce me though;
Which make me shiver with delight,
Connecting me to you

If only I could hear you
Be near you, and endear you;
Listen to your precious voice
While we laugh, tease and rejoice

If only I could hold you
And in your warm embrace,
Feel the love that radiates
From body, hands, and face

If only I could know you;
Understand your soul
If only you could let me in
And together be one whole

If only you would let me love you
And love me in return;
Walk with me in all life’s struggles
As we live and laugh and learn

If only I could touch you;
Could soften your dark heart
Give to you, what you bring me;
Glad peace I would impart

Amelia Rose

[secrets; but not like you think]

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