Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sandbox Souvenir
By: Amelia Rose

The gentle breeze whispers; stirs
The golden grains that gleam bright
Against the hard, red wood;
Paint faded and cracked
From long years of play and pleasure
Swirls and circles
Left untouched
Lie in tranquil stillness
Posed; a photograph of a memory.
Giggles, grins; gleeful delight
Can be heard; felt
Lingering in the air.
This is the place
Where castles are built; dreams born
Trenches are dug; battles waged
Letters are shaped; names spelled
Friends are made; children grown
The wind carries a strain of a song,
An echo from the past
A melody, a note,
A twinkle of the eye
As the sun bathes the tiny specks of earth
In its kindly light

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