Monday, May 3, 2010

My London Adventure: Day 11

Class. (really good--we discussed Macbeth & 12th Night, and in Roger's Andrea spoke to us on acting, Christian on directing, and a couple others talked on the language of design and dramaturgy--Loved it!)
And then I worked for a couple hours with my performing group for Roger's class. I think our thing will be pretty rockin' (:
Then Sarah & I explored around Hyde Park while trying to speak in British accents. It was pretty great.
And we went to Picadily Circus, which is basically like NYC's Times Square. It's pretty amazing. And we had dinner in a little cafe and I left her to study and went with a couple other friends to see 39 Steps--and it was "So Good." That's all we could say about it because it was simply that. Sooooo good.
The actors were amazing--four cast members played zillions of parts, it was quaint and just all-around entertaining. And not dumb humor either. Very witty, very clever--every single aspect about it.
And the three of us went to this little foreign sort of food place--i want to say Tai, but it definitely wasn't that--and I got a pastry while they got a small dish.
And it was just an all-around pleasant day! (:
And I do Not want to write my paper tomorrow. Lol, but what's new?
later gators.

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