Thursday, May 6, 2010

My London Adventure: Day 14

Today we went to Buckingham Palace & saw the changing of the guard! Chaos and befuddlement surrounded us as we snaked in through the crowd of cut-throat hyenas fighting for the last leg of meat--er I mean a picture of the red-breasted guys with foofy heads.
Anticipation mounted as we waited for the moment of the change. None of us knew what would happen, we just pressed and weaved, hoping to be in the right place at the right time. Idk what to say for the others, but that didn't happen for me. Somehow in the midst of the commotion I became separated from my group and left to fend for myself among the wild beasts! I thought of looking for my friends, but soon gave up that idea when I realized how impossible it would be to find them in the mess around me.
The actual change seemed to me just two parades of wicked awesome guard marching band madness. Seriously, the sound of their band was Superb! And they played not only the national anthem (Britain's), alma mater, and Entry of the Gladiators (jk on that last one), but a whole bunch of other really good music (memorized of course). and they played it all quite masterfully--except the lead trumpet cracked a few times, lol. They had a rockin' brass choir, but I especially loved when the woodwinds were featured! The piccolo was great too. (:
Halfway through i gave up on pictures and just let myself enjoy the music.

Then we made our way to the Tricycle theatre to see the most bizarre rendition of Twelfth Night I've ever heard of. They sent pizza out through the audience & had us throw velcro balls at their heads & at one point my Professor jumped from the second-level balcony and started dancing with them on stage! & Viola had this ridiculous fetish with this pair of socks she shoved in her pants& grabbed them frequently & they rocked out to random music (the actors not the socks) very auspiciously (i don't actually know what that word means, but felt like it sounded good there--and just told me that's an incorrect use of that word, but I feel inclined to let it stay.)
Anyway, that wasn't even the half of it. the rest i think was that company's attempt at "theatre of cruelty," which attempt was embodied solely in the character of Malvolio. During his ridiculous speech he ripped off his shirt to reveal a very attractive beer gut and started headbanging raucously. That was disturbing enough, let me tell you. Let's see if you can imagine our response when he decided that ripping his shirt off wasn't enough and he went for his PANTS!
(No, darling, we don't wear pants in here. [that's what leggings are for!])
Thus he remained for the duration of the show--clad in yellow booty shorts and thigh-high golden socks.

After that smashing rendition of the show, Sarah & I found ourselves on Kilburn High Toad *cough* I mean Road--lol! And realized we were standing in the middle of one of London's many shopping districts! We found tons of cute stuff for way cheap, but vowed that we could look, but we wouldn't buy anything we weren't absolutely in Love with. Thus, Sarah walked away with nothing, and I walked away wearing a flowy green cardigan thing and Lime Green High Heels. YES! (:
And on the way out I found a way cute dress that was more expensive than I'd have liked it to be--but it wasn't outrageous And it matched my already acquired items so impeccably well that I simply couldn't leave without it!
(ps. I look lovely in green--and to think, I never even knew!)

So yes, Sarah and I came home quite pleased and we found a more traditional version of Twelfth Night on Youtube and decided to watch it together. And i tell you, that film was So well done! They played on So many intricate subtleties, and added details and symbolism--and the way they portrayed it really helped us understand even more thoroughly All that was going on. (it's the version where Bellatrix plays Olivia) So yeah, that was basically amazing. And the fool was soo cool in that one (:

Oh! And Falafel is The BEST stuff ever.

Yes. Another great day in London.

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