Friday, May 7, 2010

My London Adventure: Day 15

Kew Gardens today! (:
I Absolutely loved it in there! (: (: (:
It Almost rivals Central Park as my favorite place in the world. But Not quite. Actually there's a bit of a gap. But it's still wonderful, and there are greenhouses & fun trees & ponds & a cottage & two towers! (an asian looking one & Rapunzel's tower) & there were benches all over the place & in glades & little tree-gazebo things.
So pretty. And there were fish & all sorts of birds! (we profiled everyone we knew by them, until both of our camera batteries died & we couldn't take anymore pics. You'll see.)
And we ran into Sarah's brother Seth while we were there! Look at Sarah's pics when she gets them up, and you'll see what I'm talking about there as well.

Then I found a post office & sent postcards to Alice Lillywhite and my missionary in the Netherlands. (:
(finding post offices is much harder here than in America. They're not marked clearly & there are a lot fewer of them)

then Sarah & I came back & Youtubed "She's the Man" --Yet Another rendition of "Twelfth Night"
and then we went to a YSA dance here at the Hyde Park Chapel & we danced with cute British boys & it was way fun! (:

Well g'night all. ♥

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