Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My London Adventure: Days 12 & 13

Why is life so splendidly delightful? And Heavenly Father so dear and wonderful?

Yesterday (Day 12: 4-5-10) was filled with anxiety over my paper, but nonetheless good. We saw the London Museum and the Banqueting House and both were fascinating and beautiful, in their own respects.

Today (Day 13: 5-5-10) my group performed the scene from All My Sons we've been working on, and I feel that it went very well! I enjoyed the script-arranging process immensely and I had a wonderful group to work with. It was good to perform too--even something as simple as that! It's been so long since I've performed for an audience & I'm missing it ridiculously a lot.

And after class I found that my charger had come in the mail, so I didn't have to barricade myself in the computer lab to write my paper after all! And I got that done & went to an organ recital especially for the Hyde Park LDS Relief Society (&friends) in London's Temple Church. The recital was brilliant--pipe organs and their music absolutely fascinate me. I don't know much about how they work or anything, but I love all the different sounds that they make! I realized as the organist was talking about the organ's history that the phrase "pulling out all the stops" probably came from organs. It makes sense at least.

Anyway, the church was beautiful, and the Temple Master's little talk on the history of the Knights Templar and the church was fascinating. I'm not sure if he's just like that, or if it was because he was in front of an LDS audience or what, but he seemed ridiculously nervous as he was talking up in front of us. But he was clever & funny & his presentation was very well done.

On the way home I took so many pictures of the quaint archways and rustic courtyards and architecture i passed. I had a strong desire to become a photographer & have a really good camera & know how to capture the images just right. But even though my camera was lame & some images turned out blurry I still had a good time! And it made the ones that turned out really well, even more special.

I wrote in my journal on the Tube-ride home, and at my stop decided I wasn't ready to go home yet, so I stayed on the Circle Line and looped around again just writing & thinking & pondering and people watching. It was quite pleasant. I love how life always works out. No matter what small inconveniences pop up, or hardships come our way, it always works out in the end. Heavenly Father takes care of us.
We have to beware of getting all wrapped up in those little inconveniences like chargers melting and papers looming and wallets getting stolen (my friend's did the first day here) etc, because, really none of it matters. And if we let it matter then we miss out on all sorts of delightful experiences & happy expressions.

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