Sunday, May 9, 2010

My London Adventure: Days 16 & 17

Yesterday Sarah & I went to St. Paul's Cathedral, and it was absolutely spectacular. We were going to go earlier, but we missed our alarms & didn't get out till a few hours later than we anticipated. But it worked out extraordinarily well. We walked in right as a wedding was about to start! And of course, hopeless romantics that we are, Sarah & I had to stay & watch the whole thing. It was absolutely magical. We, random creepers (and when I say that I mean not only me and Sarah, but all of the rest of the crowd that was gathered) watched the bride walk in with her father & they went into the temple area which was roped off to the tourists. And Sarah & I kind of wandered off during the long speeches that we couldn't hear & we admired the splendid architecture, but we made sure we were back for the ring ceremony & vows & kiss. (:
It really was something out of a movie. Except it wasn't. It was real. And it made me so happy, you don't even know!
And I asked the stewardess how often people got married there & she replied that it was extremely rare. You have to be like noble blood or something to get that opportunity.
And after the magic dissipated, sarah & I climbed up to the very top of the dome & got great pictures of London. (:
That was yesterday's excitement.

And today I went with about 4 other people to the London North Branch for church. It took us two hours to get there, but the building was a super tiny phase 1 with cute rolling pews in the cultural hall. And I was enlisted to help with nursery for the upcoming weeks--I'm so excited! (:
But for this week I got to go to Sunday School & that was good. Even better though was Relief Society. (: For the first little bit I got distracted by this adorable little baby girl whose mother was sitting right behind me. And I played with her a little & she seemed fascinated by the little flashlight I got from Kew Gardens. I kept flicking it on & off, hoping she would see how to do it, but she never quite caught on. She was itty-bitty. (:
And then I started paying attention to the lesson, and it was brilliant! On the Holy Ghost. And this woman from South Africa bore her testimony of her conversion story & how she was from a Muslim family who completely disowned her after she decided to be baptized. But her faith and strength was so strong. She said, "I knew it was truth, so I left, and never looked back."
She really has a faith and patience & understanding that so many desire, but can't seem to grasp. It was beautiful, and I'm really not doing her justice. But take my word. She is beautiful. I love the little units. The people in them are so diverse and strong. Their faith is astounding and I feel their sincerity so profoundly when I'm with them, it's such a great example to me.

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