Saturday, May 1, 2010

My London Adventure: Days 8 & 9

Day 8: Friday 4-30-10: Little Sleep

So the night before yesterday I pulled an all-nighter trying to get my reading done and crashed around 5:30 and was woken up around 9 by Sarah, just in time for class, through which I completely was falling asleep the entire time. I came back and slept until 5 when Sarah & I went & bought PB&J makings and ran back to pack a dinner, and then ran to the tube to get to the show 11&12. It was good, but lack of sleep and other factors made the show hard for me to follow.

I slept very well last night however, and woke up around 10 on

Day 9: 5-1-10: Macbeth.

We left soon after that for our Shakespeare Walk. That was fun! We saw St. Paul's Cathedral and London Bridge and all sorts of things!
Then we had some time at Borough Market for lunch before Macbeth in Shakespeare's Globe!
It was an incredible performance!
Very bloody, Lady Macbeth & her husband's relationship was very sexual, lol (but not too explicit, so that was good). And the way the actress played her sort of disappointed me. She made her very human--weak. I guess I prefer the ruthless, authoritative, seductive, I'm-gonna-rip-your-guts-out-if-you don't-do-this, steal-the-stage kind of actress for her part. Which is exactly what this girl wasn't. But it's okay. It was still a brilliant performance. And all the murders and fights looked so real--and I love how they utilized all the space around them!
And sooo much Blood! It was everywhere, and looked extremely real.
Oh and probably my favorite bit--I and most of my friends watched this show as groundlings which means we got to stand in "the yard" for the entire duration of the show. But this was the BEST production of All productions to be a groundling for because we got to go to Hell!
Seriously! And not just any Hell, but the Lowest circle of Hell.
If you know anything about Dante's Inferno, you know that that is the bit where there are people completely frozen, except for their heads sticking out. And that's what we were in this show. There was this black membrane and we stood under it and poked our heads through to watch the epically amazing production of Macbeth.
Even more epic--it started raining and hailing during the final stand-off between Macbeth and Macduff! It was the perfect timing! and we all got drenched (this is like the Only theatre that that could even happen!) but it was so Worth it!
All epic scenes happen in the rain, and this was no exception. And as Macduff came up the stairs triumphantly calling out "Hail! Hail!" There was an added irony, because we all were at that moment being pelted and it was Grrrrr-eat!
And Malcolm gave his final victory speech in the pouring rain and his arms were outstretched and it was sooo fulfilling!
And the porter was hilarious. And the witches freaking creepy. They kept crawling in and out and around all of us who were in the Yard. I loved it! (But I admit I was paranoid! They stole some guy's wallet & pulled it out onstage and pointed at him & laughed evilly.)
Oh! & sarah got splashed with the porter's urine! he singled her out because she hid & he messed with her for a bit! That was great.

I really felt a connection with the actors in this production. We always talk about the actors and audience working together to create a mutual experience, but that's a rare success. But in this show I felt it! Between the actors constantly coming through the yard and the rest of the theatre, and the "hell membrane" and our "inside joke" and mutual experience we had with the rain and hail, and all of it, I really felt a part of the show rather than just a spectator.
I'm not sure if I would have felt that way if I'd been in the seats, but this really was the best theatre experience I've ever had as a spectator! It was insanely amazing.
And we were able to go to a talk-back session with Lady Macbeth and the Porter, which was cool. She was alright and some of the stuff she said was interesting, but I really loved the Porter! it was good to see him not ridiculously disgusting.

Anyway yes. That was my day. And soaking wet, Sarah & I found a Starbucks & got hot chocolate & cake! then, still being pelted on with rain & hail we made our way to the tube (in the process discovering that in London a subway is Not a train, but literally a "way" underneath a street. A sub-way. And so we finally found an Underground station and rode back home. And a couple of Brits asked us how to get to a certain stop. And we laughed.
Two Brits asked to American girls who've been in London a total of 4 days how to use Their Metro system.
And we actually were able to help them out! They would have gotten lost without us, lol.
That's right, we rock London, baby!

over and out.

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