Thursday, June 19, 2014

Hail and Hurricaines
By Amelia Rose Dunlap

Water everywhere.
Crashing, screaming
Raging against the deck
Beating against the helm
The mast, the stern, the bow

Anchors, thrown down
No match for the torrent
The hurricane of water
That bashes the brains
Out of our poor little ship.

What was once bright and gleaming
What once gently cruised across
Our crystalline sea of glass
Is now being torn away,
Nail by nail
Plank by plank
By water.

The same water we boil to drink
To sustain our life
The same water that honors
The watery graves of
Our fellowmen. And of 
Our enemies.

The water itself has become the enemy
Crashing, breaking

The clouds-the water in the sky-
They are dark and dense
They cover up the moon.
Our Lady. Our Lady of the Sea.
And all the while
Through the dark night
We watch as our little ship
Gets battered and broken.
We watch and wait
Wait for it to sink.
Wait for us to go down with it.

A storm of water 
Rearing back its great fist
and again...

Its amazing how brutal a handful of water can be.
The same water that collapses through my fingers
When I try to hold it in my hand.

Just goes to show
Anything can hit hard
When its got enough force behind it.

The water isn't alone, I realize.
It has a friend. A helper.
The wind is what stirs the water
What troubles it
What riles it up 
To its ravenous anger.

The wind that holds it in the air
Goads it on
Until the water becomes too heavy.
Too heavy to bear the weight
Of the burden laid upon it.
And it falls.
Then, and only then,
The wind picks it up
Slices the night through with it.

It is not the water at all
Come to destroy us.
The water has always been there
And will always stay there.
Not the water, but its wielder
Who brings upon us
This great, furious torment. 

It is curious how quick we are
To cast blame onto things
We don't understand.

There is, however,
An end to all storms.
This one is no different.

We wait it out.
All through the dark, endless night.
We wait it out.
We do not give up.
We keep pailing out water.
We keep fighting the fury
We patch the broken planks
Where we can.
We fight this storm.

Perhaps a captain must go down with his ship
But he will never go down without it.
We do not stop trying.
We hold on. 
Even when faith is weak 
We do not give up.

Just as Our Lady heads to the other side of the earth
Breaking through the dense water covering
The water 
The wind lets go.
And vaguely, I see it.

Dawn. Peeking over the horizon.
Slow at first.
Then brighter
Darkness becomes light again.
Light becomes color.
Beautiful, Radiant.
Resplendent in its glory.

The dawn fills in the canvas of the sky
And shimmers upon
The water.

It is calm now.
At peace.
The wind has finally gone.

Gentle waves brush our battered ship.
They caress it with their apology.
They rock us into ease.

We look around.
We see the wreckage that lies
In broken shards upon the deck.
But we rejoice.
The worst is past.
And this, we know how to fix

It only takes a few nails
And a tree.
And someone willing to do the work.

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