Tuesday, June 17, 2014

"Love is the subtlest idolatry." -Zach Glendening

"For You"
By: Amelia Rose
To all those famous French Romantics--
 Chateaubriand,  Dumas, Lamartine, Hugo--
this one's for you.

Unrequited Love is a nonsensical thing.
An oxymoron.
Because love shouldn't need requitement
To be love.

Ask any mother, and she'll tell you the same.

At its best, Unrequited Love makes up people to think 
They are more important than other people. 
They are martyrs full of selfless self-denial.
At its worst it turns even the most intelligent men 
Into whiny, blubbering, whimpering babies. 
Men so caught up in their own misfortunes, 
They don't stop to consider anything else. 
Or anyone else. 

In its selflessness, Unrequited Love is selfish. 
In its righteousness, Unrequited Love is wicked.
Often, the Unrequited Lover knows that.

He takes precautions. And he goes about his life
He knows that  Unrequited Love is better left Unrequited.
He knows it is a fiction he has made up for himself.
A comfort thing. A thing in which he can indulge himself,
But which will not exact from him more than he is willing to give.
It is a safe love. It is secure.

For the Unrequited Lover knows that reality is more difficult
Than dreams.
And he is careful. He is careful what he wishes for
Because he knows wishes come true,
But not in the way you expect.

He knows Unrequited Love is real, but in being real it is false.
He knows that in being false, it is real.
That's what fiction is, after all.

To have an Unrequited Love is a difficult balance
Between reality and fiction.
A balance the Unrequited Lover chooses.
Because in a strange way it satisfies him.
It is a fancy he can indulge in, a game he can play.
A getaway and a fantasy that can take him away from how things really are.
A place where impossible things can happen
It is a place for the dreamer to dream.

What's so wrong with fiction, anyway?
When we recognize fiction for what it is,
It can be a great boon to life.
Stories, dreams, fairy tales
We embrace them all.
They help us fill our need for expression, creation, and artistry 
That we as human beings possess.

Stories. As long as that's all it is, a person is safe.
But the dangerous thing about Unrequited Love
Is that the stories deal with real people.
The stories make up real people to be characters
And real people hardly ever come perfectly packaged
Like characters in a novel.

Unrequited love is a dangerous game to play.
It is difficult and full of traps. 
But to the Unrequited Lover, that's what makes it fun!
Sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose.
Every win propels you forward, spits energy and excitement into life.
But Every loss is a heartbreaking, damaging blow. 
Another rift, a chasm etched into your soul.
It's a risky game to play. The stakes are eternally high.
And you set yourself up to lose, 
Every time.
You break yourself over the rock of your love
Every time.
Even when you win.

What happens though, when it's finally the rock that breaks?

The only thing worse than losing
Is realizing
The love you keep breaking yourself for
Was never love at all.

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